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  • To organize and promote socio-cultural activities for the people of Sylhet Division of Bangladesh living in Canada.

  • To support and assist members of the association and their family members in emergencies such as sudden disability, illness, death and other problems.

  • To promote Bangladeshi culture and Language and goodwill between the Bangladeshis and all other Canadians.

  • To establish and operate a community center to be used for workshops, programs, athletics, drama, art, music, handcrafts, hobbies and recreation for the benefit of the members and for general public.

  • To organize socio-cultural activities for the  community of Bangladeshis.

  • To promote the cultural and linguistic heritage of Bangladesh among the children of Bangladeshis in Canada.

  • To help the new immigrants from Bangladesh towards socio-cultural integration in Canada.

  • To promote multi-cultural activities and rapport, and co-operation.

  • To represent matters of interest relating to the community to concerned levels of Government or Organization as and when necessary.

  • To arrange/organize continuing education and training for Bangladeshis.

  • To set up a resource center for members.

  • To provide literacy programs and classes to members and to develop and provide educational training programs to persons who will conduct literacy training.

  • To help finding jobs and self-employment opportunities for members and others.

  • To carry out any other activity as necessary to meet the above objectives.


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