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We generate an environment where personal and cultural change mutually supports each other in the Context of community.

We encourage a healthy lovable environment where feeling accepted by the community reinforces self acceptance, which leads to acceptance of diversity in the Society.

We promote the creation of environments which encourage exploration, curiosity, and creativity.

National Volunteers
Yearly Projects


  • We visualize a historical culture ashore in love: embodying compassion, honesty, self-responsibility, empathy, Delight in diversity, cooperation, and the exalting of all living things.

  • This vision recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings and supports living with intention on united Jalalabad make difference, with the  Sylheti Canadian and all.


  • To organize and promote socio-cultural activities for the people of Sylhet Division of Bangladesh living in Canada.

  • To support and assist members of the association and their family members in emergencies such as sudden disability, illness, death and other problems.

  • To promote Bangladeshi culture and Language and goodwill between the Bangladeshis and all other Canadians.

  • To establish and operate a community center to be used for workshops, programs, athletics, drama, art, music, handcrafts, hobbies and recreation for the benefit of the members and for general public.

  • To organize socio-cultural activities for the  community of Bangladeshis.

  • To promote the cultural and linguistic heritage of Bangladesh among the children of Bangladeshis in Canada.

  • To help the new immigrants from Bangladesh towards socio-cultural integration in Canada.

  • To promote multi-cultural activities and rapport, and co-operation.

  • To represent matters of interest relating to the community to concerned levels of Government or Organization as and when necessary.

  • To arrange/organize continuing education and training for Bangladeshis.

  • To set up a resource center for members.

  • To provide literacy programs and classes to members and to develop and provide educational training programs to persons who will conduct literacy training.

  • To help finding jobs and self-employment opportunities for members and others.

  • To carry out any other activity as necessary to meet the above objectives.

Membership and affiliations